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Welcome to Entrusted Pediatric Home Care!  

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care (EPHC) is the leading provider of pediatric nursing services in Central Texas.  Our clinical team works with physicians and case managers to ensure children transition safely home from the hospital.  Whether it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or a few 8 hour shifts per week, we have you covered. 

Our comprehensive approach to care includes coordinating with your team of medical professionals to implement the best possible outcomes for your child. 

At EPHC, we pride ourselves in having some of the best long term skilled nurses in Central Texas.  Our highly screened Registered Nurses (R.N.) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (L.V.N.) deliver quality care and exceptional service while working closely with the family to develop an environment which nourishes the physical, mental, and emotional development of each child. As industry experts in pediatric home care, we understand the importance of providing support for the family and structure for the nurses caring for your child.  


Entrusted Pediatric Home Care is family-founded, family-owned, and family-operated.  We recognize the need to have consistency and continuity in your home to create a comfortable environment for your family.  We also recognize that every child is unique, which is why we create a custom care plan for each individual child we take care of. No child is alike and our care reflects that. Additionally, every nurse at EPHC goes through an extensive hiring and training process and is obligated to commit to our founding values.

  • Enhance knowledge and skills through continued education

  • Nurture each child with tender love and care 

  • Trust team members and promote honesty, respect, and collaboration

  • Responsibly fulfill commitments to the patients we serve

  • Uplift others when in difficult situations

  • Simplify each family’s life by providing clear and concise communication

  • Treat every patient we care for and their family with respect and decency

  • Ensure that all personal and sensitive information is held in strict confidence

  • Dedicate time to accurately document patient records

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